Wednesday, 14 September 2011


What -
A project to start a youth commune dedicated to:
1.       communal living
2.       self-sustenance though agricultural production
3.       integrating education with work and play
4.       participating in youth activism for socialist change
When -
Starting in September 2011
Who -
A joint initiative of Children’s Resource Centre (Marcus Solomon) and Surplus People Project (Ronald Wesso) seeking collaboration of interested groups and individuals. The goal is to establish the youth commune as an autonomous body controlled by its members. Initially we need about 20 members.  
Where -
The youth can come from anywhere but for practical reasons the commune will be based in the rural areas around Cape Town.
Why -
·         To take action against the unemployment, marginalisation and alienation imposed on the youth by neo-liberal capitalism
·         To work in a manner that models the building blocks of a socialist society based on free co-operation and mutual solidarity between equals.
How -
·         Work out a written agreement on the nature of the project
·         Build up literature resources about youth communes and co-operatives. This must include a focus on indigenous practices and knowledge. Possible source: Patrick van Rensburg.
·         Recruit about 20 young people to take ownership of the project. This group must be balanced with regard to gender and ethnic/cultural demographics. There will be no ideological preconditions for membership, although the group will be encouraged to take strong positions against all forms of discrimination and oppression.
·         Produce a media booklet to promote the project.
·         Link up with staff co-operative of the Children’s Resource Centre.
·         Not wait until land is available but immediately start involving the youth in co-operative discussions, education, games and work. For example, combine the first educational workshop with cooking a meal.
·         Identify area for locating the project. Possible locations are Blackheath Rd, Citrusdal, Klapmuts. It should be outside of Cape Town to make security against vandalism possible, but it should also be easily accessible from Cape Town to make the work easier. Other possible spaces are on school grounds. Daniel Plaatjies can be of assistance.
·         Secure land access. At the moment we estimate that 10 hectares should be enough. This can be done through getting government help (land reform processes) or through land occupation, depending on the circumstances and the strength of the group.
·         Build spaces for living, meeting, recreation and a workshop.
·         Start agro-ecological production on the land.
·          Secure money to sustain commune members until the commune generates its own sustenance.
·         Bread production is another possibility.

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